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Services Provided

Self Ligating Brackets

Worried about the pain during orthodontic treatment? Our newer braces use lighter forces to get you the smile you deserve!
These braces are available in ceramic (tooth colored) as well so you don't have to hide that smile during your treatment.

self ligating (metal & ceramic).jfif
metal braces_edited.jpg

Metal Braces

The traditional metal braces. Millions of success stories. What are you waiting for? Get your dazzling smile today!

Ceramic Braces

Aka tooth colored / esthetic braces.
Don't want your braces to be visible when you smile? Choose the ceramic braces and get a confident smile.

ceramic braces.jfif
cleft before and after_edited.png

Cleft Patients

Was your child born with a cleft? Need not worry. We are experienced in treating cleft lip and palate patients. (children and adults)

Functional Jaw Orthopedics

Is your child still in the growing phase? Sometimes, the problem may not be tooth related but might be due to the incomplete / underdevelopment of the jaws. Correct this at the right stage with the right appliances to avoid jaw surgery at a later stage.

Screenshot (112)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Surgical Correction (Orthognathic Surgery)

It's never too late to get the perfect esthetics! This procedure involves the skeletal correction of face by surgical movement of the underlying jaw bases.

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